perfect survey measurements, every single time

As a Designers Edge client, you’ll rest easy knowing that our team uses point cloud scanning for all surveys regardless of scope or scale or location.

point cloud scanning

With different sub-contractors in different locations, each measuring and surveying using different methods, inaccuracies and errors are bound to occur. During multi-site, multi-phase design and construction, these errors can be costly. That’s why Designer’s Edge uses highly accurate point cloud scanning methods on all projects.

  • Every Project is Point Cloud Scanned

  • 900,000 Measurements per second

  • Accurate to 1/128 of an Inch.

  • Plans are laser accurate within no room for human error

  • Millions/Billions of data points captured per Project

  • Only one site survey visit needed

  • Site data transmitted instantly for conversion and collaboration

  • High-res 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs

  • Lightning fast scan times with minimal operational disruption

how it works

laser accuracy that makes your projects laser-efficient

Our Surveyors aren’t on site with a sketch pad, and some tape measures trying to figure out what the space looks like in plan. Using Faro Focus 3D Scanners, our technicians only need to visit your project site once to gather every detail needed about your project or property. Our drafters aren't working off of crudely made notes from the site. We draft right on top of these Point Clouds.

Our Faro Focus 3D scanning devices acquire millions or billions of data points of the entire project site.

This mega-array of data is then exported and sent electronically as a point cloud to be converted (via CAD or BIM) into the most accurate plans available today — all the accuracy and consistency you need to develop a plan and execute without hesitation.

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